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Run, Beautiful, Run


Ruthless Dominant protectors allow nothing and no one to stand between them and their submissives.

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Falling in love was never an option…

Hardened Hawkeye agent Logan Powell does women a favor by avoiding emotional entanglements. They deserve to be cherished—something he’s not capable of…until he meets gorgeous Jennifer Berklee. But her innocence is his undoing, and not even his elite military training is enough to lock down his jaded heart.

After Jennifer’s engagement ended in an embarrassing abandonment at the altar, she vows to protect her wounded heart. The impossibly dangerous warrior who makes her shiver with a single glance is the last man she should want…but everything about him makes her ache to surrender.

When they’re stranded at a secluded mountain property during a storm, Logan can’t stop himself from tearing down her emotional walls. Jennifer can’t resist giving him her all. Neither imagines they’ll fall desperately in love. But then Logan’s job intrudes, and his life soon hangs in the balance. Is giving her trust in his dangerous world too high a cost for his love?


Falling in love is a risk he can’t afford…

Staff Sergeant Pierce Holden is unrelentingly ambitious, until he visits home and realizes his little sister’s best friend has become a stunningly gorgeous woman…who’s being romanced by a player. No matter how Pierce fights himself, Ella fires his protective instincts—and his libido.

Ella Gibson wants to share her future with someone kind and deserving. When ridiculously sexy Pierce interrupts her date with a prospective husband, she’s furious. Sure she had a crush on her bestie’s hot brother years ago, but now the elite Special Forces operator is everything she doesn’t want in a man—a forceful and relentless warrior who is married to his job.

Still, once they’re alone, temptation proves too strong, especially when it’s clear Pierce is determined to claim her for his own. Though she has a million reasons to resist, she can’t help surrendering herself to his passion. But when deep, dangerous secrets threaten everything Pierce holds dear, will investing her tomorrows on the battle-hardened hero be too risky for Ella?


It’s his job to protect her, and doing so may destroy them both.

Former military hero and sworn protector Kane Patterson has never forgotten Morgan Holden, the brunette beauty he’d kissed at a friend’s wedding. When she’s approached by a wannabe Dom at his favorite club, he acts. No one but him is touching her gorgeous body.

The command in his voice and possession in the bodyguard’s irresistible eyes affect her as deeply now as they had two years ago. But after embarrassing herself in Kane’s arms once, she’s vowed never to risk her heart again, despite his powerful allure. Now he’s back, demanding a second chance.

Their reunion takes an unexpected turn when Kane uncovers a shocking connection between her and his latest case. After he’s assigned to uncover her secrets, they’re forced into hiding. Once she’s given herself to him completely, the awful truth is revealed, and his stunning betrayal shatters her. How can Kane convince her of his loyalty—and, more— his love?


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