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Complete Hawkeye Series

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With this bundle you receive the whole Hawkeye collection which includes 5 eBooks and an exclusive bonus read, Stay With Me for a special 40% off!

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Protecting people, safeguarding secrets…For the men of Hawkeye, the line of duty between bodyguard and client isn’t meant to be crossed.

Come to Me – Book One
Trust In Me – Book Two
Meant For Me – Book Three
Hold On To Me – Book Four
Believe In Me – Book Five
Stay With Me – Exclusive Bonus Read
Trust In Me – Exclusive Bonus Scene

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Come to Me

Wolf Stone is their commander, and three hearts are on the line. Things are going to get…complicated.

When Nate Davidson learns there’s a bounty on commander Wolf Stone’s head, he buries his feelings of rejection and volunteers to serve as protector for the man he admires…and still craves. Trouble is, their well-respected leader doesn’t want any help, in the streets or the sheets.

Their first angry kiss reignites a passion that time has not diminished, and the past refuses to stay buried as they give in to temptation and up the stakes with the stunning addition of the beautifully submissive Kayla Fagan. The dynamic shifts and the rules bend, in ways neither man could have imagined.

With a hitman closing in, time is running out. Kayla and Nate demand more from Wolf, but he isn’t ready to share his deepest secrets…or his heart. His wounds run deep, and love is the one thing he’s incapable of offering— his body will have to do.


Trust in Me

Trace Romero is part savior and absolute sin. Together they ignite unexpected and beautiful chaos.

Trace Romero lives on the edge, taking risks and thriving on danger. When his boss’s little sister’s life is danger, he’s tasked with his hardest mission yet—keeping her and her secrets safe.

Trace’s abrupt arrival turns Aimee Inamorata’s carefully constructed world upside down. The dominant and infuriatingly arrogant man is exactly the jaded type of alpha male she’s spent a lifetime avoiding. Now he’s sleeping under her roof, telling her what to do, and leading her into temptation.

The madman determined to end her is much closer than anyone thinks. Aimee will need to learn to trust Trace before it’s too late—for them both.


Meant For Me

Torin Carter is her partner, and carnal temptation. Falling in love will mean paying the ultimate price.

Highly trained agent Mira Araceli can hold her own in the male dominated security world, but one man could crumble that resolve—her secret crush, Torin Carter. She’d fallen for her Hawkeye instructor years before. With his brooding Irish good looks, unshakable integrity, and haunted blue eyes, he was her every fantasy. Unfortunately he never even glanced her way.

Torin’s intense hunger for the new recruit shocked the hell out of him. But rules were rules, and as his student, the fierce and gorgeous Mira was off-limits. Not to mention she was far too young and innocent for him.

Now, when Hawkeye pairs them together for an undercover assignment, she discovers the dangerous side he was hiding, buried beneath his wicked desire. Desperate for a second chance, Mira will be in for the fight of her life— if the beautiful storm that is Torin Carter doesn’t completely destroy her first.


Hold On To Me

He was supposed to protect her, not fall in love.

Former Hawkeye operative Jacob Walker is no longer for sale…until he sees Elissa Conroy. He’s so captivated by her vulnerability that he can’t refuse one last mission. Determined to keep the fiery Irish woman safe from a madman’s quest for revenge, he’ll do whatever it takes—even protect her beautiful body twenty-four hours a day.

Elissa refuses to upend her life to be shuttered away like some damsel in distress. But when a secret from her past makes it clear she’s in danger, she finds herself thrown over the muscular shoulder of one very inflexible and admittedly smoking-hot alpha bodyguard and hustled to safety.

Alone at his secluded Colorado ranch, the lies are exposed and the tangled web of truth unleashes a terrifying danger—all wrapped in their complicated feelings for each other. Will they be forced to deny their growing love in order to survive?


Believe In Me

He was supposed to protect her, not risk both of their hearts.

Hawkeye Commander Garrett Young has an impossible assignment: protect heiress Charlotte Connelly—without letting the stunning beauty know he’s her bodyguard. Since she’s stubbornly refused protection, he can’t reveal why he’s romancing her on her secluded ranch hideaway.

After her fiancé’s crushing betrayal on the eve of their wedding, Charlotte is determined not to trust a man again. She’s definitely not interested in another relationship. But when she meets devastatingly handsome Garrett, his mysterious, powerfully alpha ways melt her resolve.

Charlotte soon finds herself opening the heart she swore was shattered, and she’s falling hard. Then Garrett’s dizzying web of lies crashes down, leaving her raw and hurt and unable to believe anything he says. But when her life is on the line, can Garett convince Charlotte that he truly loves her before it’s too late?


Stay With Me

Exclusive Hawkeye Protectors Bonus Read

Trust In Me – Exclusive Bonus Scene