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Theirs to Treasure


The runaway bride ends up in the bed of billionaire brothers, and now they’ll never let her go.

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In all our years celebrating in Sin City, my brother, Zev, and I have seen it all.

Until a sweet, sexy runaway bride walks into the bar, demanding a drink.

Seems that tonight should have been Harper’s honeymoon, and the gorgeous innocent is desperate to get rid of her V-card.

Always accommodating, we offer to help her out.

But our one-night stand comes with a surprise.

The lovely innocent might have run from one man, but now she’ll be forced to marry two of us.



This steamy contemporary billionaire romance features…

❤️Billionaire brothers❤️ ❤️

❤️A runaway bride

❤️And a forced marriage


❤️Why Choose?


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